This artist makes Disney-style portraits of cats and other animals

Isa Bredt is an illustrator who specializes in pet “Disneyfication,” or drawing portraits of pets in the Disney art style. She draws any kind of pet, but we especially love her adorable and lively renditions of cats.

Isa studied illustration and animation for a few years at a school in her home country, the Netherlands, before she decided to branch out and start her own Pet Disneyfication business in 2019. Now she focuses on her true passion: turning pet portraits into adorable, Disney-style cartoons.

On her website, Isa describes her style and the goal of her portraits:

“My greatest inspirations are the old 2D animated works from Disney, Dreamworks and Don Bluth, which I have loved for as long as I can remember. In my portraits, I try to capture an animal’s spirit, with the twist that they look like they could star in their very own animated movie!”

She does a remarkable job at making these cats into main characters, capturing their playful smiles, big eyes, and unique personalities.

Photo and cartoon version of black and white kitten with wide green eyes
This kitten’s big, bright eyes make you wonder what adventures it would have in its own movie. Pic credit: @pet_disneyfication/Instagram

Shelter cat’s dream-come-true

Isa also does Disney-style drawings of animals at shelters that need a little extra attention so they can get adopted. She’s not sure how she got into this line of work. In an interview with Bored Panda, she said:

“I think it was while I was browsing a shelter site (the site where I adopted my cats from) and I wished I could help the animals that had been in the shelter the longest, somehow.”

She also says it’s a possibility that one of her followers recommended it to her. In that case, she doesn’t want to take credit for the idea, but it is still amazing that she helps these animals.

One of these kitties that Isa helped is Opia, a sweet and sassy special needs cat. Opia was found in the streets of Istanbul with an injury that would leave her back legs paralyzed for the rest of her life.

Opia was living at the Animal Haven shelter for about one year before she caught Isa’s attention. Isa drew a portrait of Opia that captured her beauty and liveliness. In a post on her Instagram, she encouraged her followers to reach out to help Opia if they could.

It was a slow process, but Opia finally got her Disney dream-come-true when she moved to a foster home and was later adopted. Thanks to Isa and other people who spread the love of animals everywhere they can, cats like Opia can get their own happy endings.

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