Abandoned fluffy Persian cat

Man and daughter adopted cat when it was left behind by its owners

This cat was left behind by its owners when they moved out. Good thing their neighbor stepped forward and rescued the cat, giving her a loving home. Absent neighbors The man who adopted the cat posted the story on Reddit, saying: “My neighbors left town permanently and forgot their cat….I guess I own a cat … Read more

ginger cat with volunteer

This 17-year-old senior orphan cat finds hope and love again in its final years.

In 2016, a senior ginger cat named Cinnamon lost everything. Her world suddenly changed when her parents and guardian angels passed away months apart. She was now an orphan cat. Abandoned and alone In a viral YouTube video, a volunteer with the non-profit Second Chance Animal Rescue Society in Greece (SCARS) recounts her experience with … Read more

A woman holds a short-haired ginger cat.

Heartless owners wanted their rejected cat euthanized after he walked 12 miles to reach them- he now has a loving home

In Raleigh, North Carolina, a tenacious cat named Toby wanted to return home after his owners abandoned him. So he made a long journey back home but got rejected again. Then, at last, the feline found a caring owner thanks to a shelter. The cat’s family had relocated their pet Toby into a new home … Read more