Mischievous kitten gets stuck inside ATM and has to be rescued by firefighters

Coming swiftly after a recent report of a kitty being rescued from a soda machine, another curious kitten has been freed after sneaking into a place that they weren’t supposed to.

On July 7th, The Fort Smith Fire Department shared via their Facebook page that they had undertaken an unusual rescue where they freed a little kitten who had crawled inside an ATM in Arkansas.

Motive unknown

As this is a developing story, no information has yet been released on the motives of the little cat burglar and whether he truly believed that he could succeed at committing such an audacious crime as stealing cash from inside the ATM.

It seems that the tiny tabby foiled his own heist by meowing loudly and alerting nearby bank patrons to his dastardly scheme. 

Perhaps the planning phase of this unusual “attempted robbery” had filled the kitten with unsustainable bravado that suddenly evaporated when he found himself in a confined and unforgiving space.

The heist of a lifetime

Like many millennial bank robbers, the unnamed kitten’s preparations were possibly fueled by the movies that have tackled the theme of daring bank heists. 

From the Ocean’s Eleven franchise to the iconic surfer robbery romp Point Break, there is a lot of cinematic inspiration out there that could have emboldened the kitten. Though it is likely that he skipped Dog Day Afternoon.

Social media reacts

When the kitten’s apparent foiled attempt to access bundles of cash was shared by the Fort Smith Fire Department, who had to rescue the failed robber, the internet wasn’t slow to react.

Most commenters on the Facebook post shared their confusion over how the tiny kitten had gotten inside of the machine.

One commenter responded:

“Omg, how in the world? His new name should be Cash!”

Another shared their dismay at not being aware that ATMs now provide kittens, saying:

“Wait I can get cats out of an ATM? What button do I push for that?”

Among all the comments that the unusual news story elicited, one also went into intricate detail about how the kitten may have gotten inside the machine :

“Good work. Had to have crawled through conduit that feeds power and network to the terminal. Only other way into a CS terminal is that someone put it there which is highly unlikely.”

Free to live an honest life

No further updates have been given on the kitten, except to say that his rescue was successful and he has been handed over to the care of animal control. 

Hopefully, they will be enrolling him in a rehabilitation program, so that the tiny cat burglar can go on to live an honest life.

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