Meet Dilly Beans, a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia living her best life

Dilly Beans is an amazing cat who is living her best life. She has cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition that causes her to wobble around. Although she’s a little more wiggly than other cats, she’s a very happy cat.

Not broken

Dilly Beans was adopted 2 years ago in the summer. She was a rescue cat who was found on the side of a highway. It was the middle of the night, and she was only a kitten at 10 weeks old.

It was very likely that she had been dumped on the side of the road because she had cerebellar hypoplasia. There is nothing wrong with cats with CH. They’re not in pain, and they’re perfectly capable of living happy, normal lives. But some people might think they’re “broken” and abandon them, and that’s probably what happened with Dilly Beans.

Thankfully, Dilly Beans was rescued and adopted by her new family who would give her a loving home and a great life. They said:

“She is not in any pain and kittens/cats with her condition can live long, healthy lives! There is no cure, but we’ve made changes to our home to help her live her best life.”

Melting hearts

Dilly Beans quickly adjusted to her new home. She was such an adorable little girl who fit in so well with the whole family. Her owners said:

“She’s so cute, she sleeps all night in between our pillows and tucks her head under the blankets. She’s melting hearts and stealing all the bed.”


Dilly Beans also wasn’t afraid to show her slightly crazy personality. She was nicknamed “Murderbot” because she was very high energy and wasn’t afraid to let her claws out.

Her owner knows Dilly Beans’ Murderbot tendencies. One time she put a toast hat on her, thinking it would look cute, but Dilly Beans had other ideas. Her owner said:

“Dilly Beans is probably gonna murder someone in their sleeps tonight.”

Watch out for the Murderbot! She may be cute, but she means business.

Living her best life

In Dilly Beans’ free time, she likes to spend time outside, clean her “murder mittens,” and play with toys, especially paper straws. She also has some fun challenging other Instagram cats with CH to eating contests. They might be messy eaters, but they have great appetites.

Dilly Beans is a cat that 100% deserves to have a happy life, and we’re so glad her owners recognized that and decided to take care of her. She may be a little wobbly, but she’s living her best life as a spunky little Murderbot.

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