Meet Moe, an undersocialized cat who came out of her shell in her new home

Say hello to Moe! This kitty was rescued from a hoarding situation and adopted into a loving family. She was very undersocialized, but she came out of her shell in her new home.


When Moe’s family adopted her, they decided that they wanted to make a difference. They said that they thought:

“Hey, everyone wants a kitten. Kittens get adopted so quickly. Let’s rescue an adult cat, one that may have difficulties or special needs.”

The cat that they would find was Moe, a kitty rescued from a hoarding household with over 30 cats. She had bonded with one person in her previous situation, but was still semi-feral with other people and would need a lot of socializing before being able to interact as a normal cat. Her owners said:

“Sometimes special needs might not be physical; sometimes it’s psychological. Every pet deserves a second chance.”

Warming up

Her new family was ready to take on the challenge. When they first brought Moe home, she was very nervous and hid under the bed. She hissed and ran away from them whenever they brought her food or held out their hands for her to sniff.

They kept her and their other cat, Jerry, apart for two weeks before finally introducing them to each other. When they did, it was a magical moment. Jerry rolled over, showing that he trusted Moe. And he got her to trust him and warm up to her new home. Her owners said:

“She took to Jerry so fast, and her trust and confidence has everything to do with him and a little love and a lot of treats.”

Black and white cat under bed with gray cat nearby
Moe and Jerry’s first meeting. Moe wouldn’t be hiding under the bed much longer. Pic credit: @benbencatcat/Instagram

At first, Moe’s owners weren’t able to touch her and couldn’t pick her up. But eventually she grew comfortable enough to ask for regular cuddles in the morning and at night. Her owners were patient with her and were so happy to see how much she had grown. They said:

“She’s a special girl, and watching her realize that home is a safe place and people love her has been the best reward!”

A part of the family

Now Moe is an absolutely perfect part of their family. She plays, loves her daily cuddles, and she is so cute with her little mustache. She is the most energetic when she’s demanding food, and she’s learning more about how to be a cat each day.

Moe’s family has grown since she was adopted. Her owners adopted more cats that were in need, and now they are a family of Instagram-famous kitties with inspiring stories, including BenBen, Daisy, and Dilly Beans. You can read more about them in our other articles. They get along so well together.

Moe had her own challenges to overcome as she learned how to be a cat. Now she’s more confident than ever and living a happy life with her cat and human family.

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