Norman the fluffy orange cat is a bit of a weirdo, but people love him for it

Norman is a cat who delights the Instagram community with his silliness and his orange floofiness. He’s definitely a weirdo, but that’s what makes his personality so great.

A special family

Norman is part of a family of cats who are famous on Instagram for their inspiring stories and adorable antics. These cats include Dilly Beans, a wobbly cat with cerebellar hypoplasia; Daisy, a senior cat; Moe, a semi-feral cat who learned how to be part of a family; and BenBen, the “saddest cat on the internet,” who is actually very happy and just has a resting sad face.

Together, these adorable kitties make the best family, and it wouldn’t be complete without Norman.

Snotty boy

Norman is a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia, like his sister Dilly Beans, but his condition is milder. He was adopted into the family when he was a kitten and celebrated his two-year adoption anniversary in March.

Like Norman’s siblings, he is also a cat with special needs. In addition to his mild cerebellar hypoplasia, he also has problems with snot. That’s right; his nasal passages produce a lot of extra mucus.

Sometimes he tries to fix the problem by eating his own boogers (just another thing that makes him the adorable weirdo that we know and love), but his owners also have to take him to the vet to get his mucus flushed out regularly.

Norman may be a bit of a snotty boy, but his owners and his kitty siblings still love him so much.

Silly weirdo

Norman has been described by his owners as a good boy and the floofiest idiot on Instagram. Of course, they mean idiot in an endearing way, to express how much they love how silly and crazy he is.

One of the silly things Norman does is find the strangest places to sit in. He loves to discover an empty cardboard box, a laundry hamper, or any type of bag or container and sit down and chill in it.

Norman even likes getting into the washing machine and dryer. That must be a little inconvenient for his owners sometimes if they want to do their laundry. They have to get the cat out before they can start!

Norman is also a very vocal cat, which earned him his nickname “Screamin’ Neeman.” Whenever he wants something, he makes sure to let his owners know.

Norman’s family

Norman loves his kitty siblings, and he especially likes to hang out with his brother BenBen and his sister Dilly Beans. Dilly Beans plays a little hard to get, usually ignoring Norman. But sometimes he manages to get closer to her, and their owners find them sleeping next to each other.

BenBen is a little more hands-on with Norman, and they love to play and wrestle with each other. It’s so fun to watch these two silly kitties play together in a blur of orange fur.

Norman is a bit of an orange, fluffy weirdo, but his family and his followers love him for it.

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