Pictures of a smiling kitten cheer up social media

Another day, another cat is taking over social media. On Facebook, pictures of a five-week-old kitten who appears to be smiling have gone viral.

If there is one thing we can reach a consensus on, it is that people across the Internet have a soft spot for cats. From the Grumpy cat, and the Zorro cat, to the Freddy Mercury feline, adorable pictures of cats can quickly spread around the internet.

Cats are one of Lauren Boutz’s favorite animals. The woman devotes her time to fostering orphaned kittens from the Albuquerque Animal Care Services in the American state of New Mexico.

In her leisure time, the biochemistry graduate takes in kittens, feeds, loves, and cares for them. Besides, she photographs the kitties on her social media account.

Blossom, a little cat, has been a new addition to the foster. This tiny kitten, only five weeks old, wowed Lauren with her remarkable sweetness.

It is undeniable that in addition to having a very adorable appearance, Blossom is a born top model. She’s highly skilled at striking fun and original positions and never takes a bad shot.

Lauren made Blossom and her felines roommates Bubbles and Buttercup pose for a photoshoot. And what happened came to the photographer as a shock to you.

Blossom actually flashed a grin. Yes, you read that right. A five-week-old beamed for the camera while it was being photographed.

It’s almost as if she decided to go with the plan by putting on a happy face for the photographer.

The 5-week-old smiling kitten goes viral

When Lauren Boutz noticed Blossom smiling at the camera, she immediately captured the precious moments. And judging by the likes, the resulting images were very successful.

Apparently, nothing makes folks merrier than a photo of a smiling kitten like Blossom. So if you want to see what a happy cat looks like, look at these photographs of Blossom.

We dare you not to smile in return.

Cheese! Pic credit: @biochemkitten/ Facebook

Cat owners often see their pets unfazed in front of the camera. Some cat owners have even gotten scratched while trying to get the perfect pic of their moggy, so Blossom’s compliance is very much appreciated.

Now, Blossom’s modeling arsenal is not limited to a smile. The adorable fur ball can also produce other expressions more characteristic of cats.

 Nevertheless, her smiling pics remain the best. Tyra Banks of America’s Next Top Model would undoubtedly approve.

Visit Lauren Boutz’s Instagram account to see more images of Blossom and her other kitten pals.

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