Catception: a cat has intriguing markings resembling a cat

It’s a Catception! A cat’s coat creates a stunning illusion resembling another puss

 A tomcat’s intriguing coat has caused quite a commotion on Twitter after a user in Japan discovered it. His fur’s visual trickery has been referred to as Catception. The variety of spots, stripes, and colors found in cats’ haircoat, together with the patterns exclusive to each cat, are one of the most intriguing aspects of … Read more

A two-headed kitten prank fools users

Pictures of ‘two-headed’ kitten make Facebook users double-check

An animal shelter has published a message which has netizens reasonably confused. Since Jackson County Animal Shelter’s Facebook wrote about a “two-headed cat” on Friday afternoon, the post has been a topic of debate. We are all aware that cats come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they might even be as unusual as … Read more

An image of an optical illusion

A cat-centric optical illusion has puzzled the internet

The Internet loves an optical illusion, they tend to go viral. Everyone remembers the infamous ‘white dress’, which had people debating harder than presidential candidates. In March 2022, a perplexing optical illusion involving animals received a lot of attention. The image was designed to put your eyesight and cognitive abilities to the test by hiding … Read more