Starving stray cat accosts woman in town to finally find a home

A woman was walking the streets when a stray black cat approached her and tried to climb into her arms. From then, both their lives changed for the best.

The passerby adopted the black moggy.

Léa, a French woman, was out downtown with friends when the group heard some noise nearby. One of Léa’s pals spotted a black kitten.

This feline looked extremely thin, making Léa concerned. As she came closer, the animal leaped toward her for a cuddle.

A touched Léa decided to take in the stray kitty, bringing it back home. Her next stop was the veterinarian’s office.

The professional’s response comforted Léa in her decision to help the cat. In reality, the starving kitten was severely underweight, weighing less than two kilos.

They approximate his age as around five years old. A scan didn’t reveal any ID chip on the animal.

Furthermore, he wasn’t spayed. Overall, the kitten was in a total state of neglect.

In addition, he was suffering from famine and extreme dehydration. His body was covered in fleas, but the cat was so dehydrated that all the fleas had died.

According to the vet, the cat himself would have passed in the following days had Léa not welcomed him.

Léa thought:

“Oh my God! He’s going to die; I have to save him.”

To help him survive, they injected him with food first. Then they provided him with various medicine inserted into his food.

Pimpim leaves the stray cat life for good

Originally, Léa’s rescue was afraid; he would hide wherever he could. Yet, he still craved attention.

The feline yearned for contact so he would get out of his lair to kiss and hug his savior. He displayed much affection.

As the stray kitten’s health improved drastically, Léa wondered if she could take care of a pet for the long haul. She wondered if giving the puss to someone else wouldn’t be better.

However, she slowly grew attached to her new friend. And he returned her affection daily.

The cat was so endearing that she could no longer picture him away from her. And that’s how Pimpim became Léa’s pet.

A year after his discovery in the city center, Pimpim is transformed. Gone is the afraid kitty who would sneak into Léa’s travel carry-on.

Pimpim shows a very vivacious personality. He enjoys playing fetch, catching paper fish, and anything requiring movement.

Besides, the black critter loves to be the center of attention. Any mention of his name has him appearing straight away, ready to mingle.

Like her friends, Léa believes the cat chose her.

“I can’t imagine my life without him now,” she declared

Pimpim probably can’t, either. The two are lucky to have found each other.

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