Smush is an internet star- who uses her fame to spread the love

Smush the cat was rescued when she was found on the side of the road as a kitten.

She was brought to a local animal hospital, and a veterinary student named Lindsey ended up taking her home after hearing that the only other option besides full-time care was to euthanize her.

Smush needed to be syringe fed every four hours for a whole month because she was so young and had a cleft palate, meaning she would struggle to latch onto a bottle.

Thankfully, Lindsey was able to bring Smush to classes with her to make sure she was fed as often as needed.

A tiny orange kitten with an upper cleft palate being bathed under a sink tap.
Smush also had a bad case of ringworm and had to be bathed regularly. Pic credit: @smushofficial/Instagram.

Growing up

As Smush’s condition started to improve, her feisty nature began to show. Once Smush didn’t need constant 24-hour care, she was looked after by a new foster mom Lauren Braden.

Smush had to be quarantined away because of her active ringworm infection, as it can be passed to humans (despite its name, ringworm does not involve worms. It is a fungal infection that is named for the circular pattern that appears on the skin of those infected).

And Smush didn’t appreciate having to be kept away! Her foster mom said:

β€œShe climbed over every barrier I put up, so I caved in and gave her an entire room.”

It wasn’t long before this fierce feline got adopted by her two forever moms, who love her sassy and sweet sides in equal measure.

Smush charms the world

Smush’s new moms are loving, compassionate, and devoted to her care.

They were already advocates for adoption before Smush came into their lives, and continue to spread awareness and support to this day.

Smush soon garnered fans from all over the world on the internet. She has 704,000 followers on Instagram, two books; Smush for President and The Tao of Smush, and her own official website.

She has been a beacon of joy for everyone who comes across her, and her moms make sure to keep spreading the love.

The Smush philosophy is all about being kind to others, loving who you are and the things that make you different, and helping out those in need.

Smush’s story is inspirational and shows what a fighting spirit and a good dose of love and care can do to improve the lives of cats, and humans everywhere.

An orange tabby cat with an upper cleft palate looks out the window.
Smush had quite the start to life, and now she’s safe and settled in her forever home. Pic credit: @smushofficial/Instagram.

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