Special needs cats from all over the world get given a forever home at this amazing sanctuary

Milo’s Sanctuary and Special Needs Cat Rescue is one of the only special needs cat rescues in the world.

Because of this, they get requests from all over asking them to take in cats.

And they do, they’ve taken in cats from Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, and more, helping them get healthy and hopefully getting them adopted out.

But if no one comes to offer these special needs cats a forever home, they always will have one at Milo’s Sanctuary.

“That’s what we do, we rescue the abused, forgotten, and the ones that need that extra help.”

Michelle Hoffman, Co-founder and President

Special cats

There are many special needs cats at the sanctuary, from cats who are blind or have one eye, to ones with no eyes, those that are FIV+ or have congenital conditions like radial hypoplasia, and cats that have been abused.

One of these cats was the late Sir Thomas Trueheart, who inspired the sanctuary in its early days.

A one eyed blonde cat
Sir Thomas passed away in 2019, but his story is still a huge part of the sanctuaries motivation for continuing on. Pic credit: @Milo’s Sanctuary/Website.

Sir Thomas was rescued after somebody deliberately poured acid over his face, burning the right side of his face down to the bone.

He was taken to a vet, and they discovered that Sir Thomas was also FIV+ so they were going to euthanize him.

But luckily, Milo’s Sanctuary was there to step in.

They took him to their own vet, and after six weeks of intensive recovery, Sir Thomas’s strength shined through.

During his life he was a ‘spokescat’ for abused and neglected animals, showing the resilience and forgiveness that cats have.

According to Michelle Hoffman, Sir Thomas was a loving and affectionate little man.

Although he is sorely missed, his legacy lives on as Milo’s Sanctuary dedicates everything they do to his memory.

Cats in need

Every day, Milo’s Sanctuary takes in more cats with special needs, or those that simply need a loving home.

The work they do is inspiring.

They often host ‘open house visits‘ both virtually and in person so those that don’t live close can still take part in the feline fun.

And they have several of their cats up for adoption.

Some of the cats available to adopt at the time of writing are Tiana, Amethyst, and Turbo Hotrod Jenkins.

A one eyed white cat
Tiana is a princess, look at those big ears! Pic credit: @milos_sanctuary/Instagram.
a black and white one eyed cat
Amethyst is a beautiful one-eyed cat. Pic credit: @milos_sanctuary/Instagram.
A black and white tuxedo cat
Turbo Hotrod Jenkins may have a crazy name but looks like a calm soul. Pic credit: @milos_sanctuary/Instagram

Milo’s Sanctuary and Special Needs Cat Rescue is doing incredible work, helping some of the most vulnerable felines of the world.

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