This cat ended up becoming a town’s mayor after a joke from her owner

If you follow cat pages on social media, you might well have seen a black cat called Jinx. Jinx is an uber-famous puss.

Under the alias Big foot Jinx, she is followed by nearly 813,000 people on TikTok, 296,000 on Twitter, and 493,000 on Instagram.

From Twitch to her own subreddit, Jinx is a tech-savvy feline whose reach keeps expanding.

On the platforms, Jinx became well-known for her distinctive features. Her large eyes and curled paws give her an extremely expressive appearance.

Apart from her influencer duties, Jinx has an imposing resume. The feline recently occupied the official position of mayor in a Michigan town.

Jinx becomes the mayor

On April 24, the black cat took office as the mayor of the municipality of Hell, located about 32 km northwest of Ann Arbor in the state of Michigan.

Any citizen can serve as mayor for a day in this small town. However, this was the first time a feline had held the mayor’s office — a first for the community and a first for Jinx.

Jinx’s owner Mia broadcasted the historic moment on the video platform Twitch; a clever way of thanking social media for making this moment happen.

Indeed, it all started when Mia joked on Twitter about what would occur if Jinx ran for office. Even though the woman was teasing her followers, her remarks quickly snowballed.

A user pointed out to Mia that in a town in Michigan, one could pay to be mayor for a day. It only required a payment of $100 to be the mayor.

With the support of their followers, Mia and Jinx successfully went for it. At the end of her day at Hell’s helm, Jinx received a Mayor’s Proclamation Certificate, a souvenir mug, and a souvenir shirt. Additionally, she now owns a square inch of the community’s land!

An inseparable duo

Mia rescued Jinx from her garden three years ago. Back then, a vet examined the cat and found no serious health issues except for a few congenital deformities.

As the kitten grew, Mia eventually noted Jinx’s enormous eyes, curved legs, and sideways paws. The kitten had to learn to adapt to her differences slowly.  

Jinx is not as agile as most cats, and stands in a particular way, yet the feline is living her best life.

Cat and owner have been loyal companions ever since the adoption. As a result, they’ve become inseparable.

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