Cat tumor looks like evil twin

Lifesaving surgery is performed on cat born with twin-like tumor in her tail

In Turkey, a Siamese housecat was born with a mass in her tail. The tumor possessed bone-like tissues, hair, and teeth. In summary, it was as if the puss carried a twin in her extremity. The feline underwent a complex surgery to remove the lump identified as teratoma.  She was only the second patient ever … Read more

Community helps student pay for cat surgery

A student can’t afford her cat’s surgery, but she gets unexpected help

A young student had an injured cat who needed costly treatment. The pet owner was desperate to treat her ailing companion, but the cat surgery would cost thousands of dollars. In short, the clinic was asking for money she didn’t have. However, when they heard about her plight, a slew of individuals, including a veterinarian, … Read more