Picture of tabby cat and picture of green bird bath

Woman sets up bird bath to honor the memory of her departed cat

It is an undeniable tragedy when someone’s animal companion passes away. This woman had to face the loss of her beloved cat, Oscar, and she honored his memory in a beautiful way. Hug your cats a little tighter Oscar’s owner described him as an “indoor kitty who always craved the outdoors.” He was an escape … Read more

Two images of an elderly ginger cat.

A woman bids farewell to her dying cat and then learns the surprising truth

Any pet owner dreads the moment they will have to say goodbye to their beloved companion. When the time comes, each person reacts differently, but the pain remains the same. A TikTok user who goes by @yammananna had to endure this painful process, but her story had an unexpected ending: her cat is still very … Read more