Two images: one of a black and white cat and one of the bronze statue of the cat.

Meet Félicette, the first cat to travel into outer space and back

After Kiddo, the first airborne cat, here’s the story of another feline who made history: Félicette, the tuxedo cat. Félicette is the first puss sent into space and to have returned alive as a passenger of the Véronique rocket launched on October 18th, 1963, from the Sahara. This French cat was retrieved after ten minutes … Read more

In a black and white image engineer Vaniman holds a tabby cat.

Meet Kiddo: the famous airborne cat who helped to shape history

A grey tabby cat named Kiddo made history on October 15, 1910, when he became the first of his species to undertake an airship crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. During his trip, Kiddo marked aviation history even further. The first-ever radio message emitted from air to shore wasn’t about science, technology, or a similar matter. … Read more