Cat hisses at a human hand

Spicy, hissing kitten learns to trust humans

In early July, two kittens arrived at the foster home of Hoa, a volunteer for Waggytail Rescue. Unagi and Wasabi were ten-week-old tortoiseshell sisters, and they needed to be socialized to get used to humans. Hoa created welcome posts on her Instagram for the two kittens. In Wasabi’s pictures, the kitten backed away from Hoa’s … Read more

A storm drain with a kitten pacing inside of it.

Tiny kitten rescued from a storm drain after five days by locals who refused to give up

In Sydney Australia, an eight-week-old kitten has been rescued from a storm drain where she was trapped for five days. The long rescue mission was undertaken by those living near Carlton Street, where the kitten had become trapped, despite heavy rain and slow progress they refused to give up on the little kitten. Trapped As … Read more