Thieving cat leaves owner red-faced when she brings home suspected sex toy

A cat earned a reputation for her “shopping sprees” in neighbor’s backyards. But recently, the local celebrity outdid herself when she brought home a raunchy object, leaving her mistress absolutely horrified.

It’s common knowledge that cats like to bring their owners strange presents. Demo the cat from Caldicot, Wales, is no different.

 Pet owner Rachel Masterman has known for a long time that her kitten Demo has sticky paws. The three-year-old critter’s hobby is roaming the Caldicot neighborhood where she lives and returning with trophies.

Rachel said to Yorkshire Live:

 “Demo’s been bringing gifts home for the last couple of years. 

Their kitten has an eclectic taste, usually presenting her owner with various items, such as gloves and a watering can. For instance, Demo has taken flower arrangements and cards from a graveyard behind the house before.

 Thus, Rachel never knows what to expect when the puss returns from her adventures.

On Monday, September 26, the pet owner was on the phone with her sister when Demo appeared at the door, something odd in her mouth. This time, the cat’s trophy looked like nothing she had ever snatched.

At first, Rachel thought it was a car air freshener, but she wasn’t certain. The Caldicot resident decided to show the strange object to her sister, who exclaimed:

 ‘Oh, Rachel – that’s definitely not an air freshener.’

It took the Welsh woman a minute to realize what she was holding in her hands. When she finally figured it out, her face was red with embarrassment.

To add to the awkwardness, Rachel’s 12-year-old son entered the room and spotted the NSFW object. Intrigued, the boy asked her mother what it was.

The woman had no idea how to answer the innocent question. 

” I was absolutely mortified,” Rachel revealed

If Rachel was mortified, everybody else found the situation hilarious. In fact, Demo’s antics have made her a local celebrity.

The kitten even owns a Facebook profile, which chronicles her activities and subsequent findings. Every post on the page receives hundreds of likes and enthusiastic comments.

Neighbors now recognize both the cat and her owner. Rachel Masterman has had people stopping her during errands to mention her kleptomaniac cat.

She said:

“People stop me in the shop and ask if I’m that cat’s owner that steals everything. She’s absolutely bonkers, honestly.”

Apart from Demo, Rachel owns two other pets, Bibble, age three, and Pepe, age two. Just like Demo, these cats also bring back trophies, but they tend to stick to standard cat stuff like mice.

Demo is the one always one-upping the rest. Folks have suggested Rache put a go-pro on the wandering puss, but Demo hates harnesses.

At least Rachel takes comfort in knowing that most people find the cat’s antics very funny.

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