Photo and cartoon version of orange tabby cat licking fluffy white kitten

This artist makes Disney-style portraits of cats and other animals

Isa Bredt is an illustrator who specializes in pet “Disneyfication,” or drawing portraits of pets in the Disney art style. She draws any kind of pet, but we especially love her adorable and lively renditions of cats. Isa studied illustration and animation for a few years at a school in her home country, the Netherlands, … Read more

Cat sitting on fence with cartoon version on the left

This artist draws hilarious cartoon versions of cat pictures

Rocky the artist, also known by their Instagram account name Tactoon Cat, has a brilliant way of turning funny cat pictures into even funnier cartoons. They get most of their inspiration from cat memes and viral cat pictures. If these weren’t already hilarious enough, their playful and lively art style brings them to life even … Read more