This black kitten was in the right place at the right time, to find her forever home

While Cat Man Chris was out on a bike ride, he thought he heard a kitten meowing in the bushes on the side of a busy road.

His suspicion was confirmed when he saw a tiny black kitten run into the bushes beside him. He immediately went into the bushes looking for the kitten and began to play the sounds of mother cats and kitten meows on his phone (something that is said to help draw out cats).

Unfortunately, this didn’t work, so Chris left some food and water and came back that night to try again. After spending three hours trying to catch the little kitten, Chris decided to come back the next morning to try another time.

He wasn’t giving up, no matter what.

As luck would have it

Amazingly, when he returned the next morning, the kitten was asleep right by the path where Chris had heard the first meow! Chris scooped her up as quick as he could and put her straight into a cat carrier to be taken to the vet.

A black kitten in a cat carrier.
Poor little Sam was terrified, but she was in safe hands at last. Pic credit: @CatManChris/YouTube.

The vets were concerned that Sam (short for Samhain – the Gaelic Halloween) might have a problem with her brain because of the appearance of her skull.

They suspected she had Hydrocephalus which is when fluid builds up in the cavities of the brain and can cause many issues for a cat, including but not limited to coordination, appetite, and behavior problems.

Sam was then taken to Milo’s Sanctuary and Special Needs Cat Rescue so that she could have an expert assess her condition.

Getting there safely

Chris was more than happy to make sure Sam got there safe.

It turned out that Sam had a very mild form of Hydrocephalus and wouldn’t have much trouble living a normal kitten life.

Soon after arriving at Milo’s Sanctuary, she was snatched up by a foster family with three other cats for company.

Despite taking some time to warm up and having a ‘spicy’ personality, Sam and her foster siblings all got along wonderfully.

So much so, that her foster family decided that they couldn’t let her go.

A black kitten asleep.
It’s easy to see why Sam ended up being adopted by her foster family. Pic credit: @dobythehousecat/Instagram.

Now Sam not only has a forever home, but three forever siblings too, her sisters Jet and Luna, and her special brother Doby.

A black cat lying on a white bed.
Sam fits in perfectly at her new home. Pic credit: @dobythehousecat/Instagram.

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