This couple built a room in their house to help house motherless kittens

Onur and Cansu are a husband and wife team from Turkey who have dedicated their lives to helping out the most vulnerable felines around them.

Together they carry out Trap Neuter Return (TNR), rescue vulnerable cats and house them until they can get adopted, and offer a place for homeless cats a safe place to stay.

They show just how hard they work on their YouTube channel Adorable Paws.

Their focus is not just felines but canines too, although the cats got a special room made for them in their home!

And as time has gone on, their house has become a safe haven for cats.

Kitten savior

When five kittens were found by the side of a road, Onur and Cansu were well prepared to swoop in and scoop them up.

The kitten’s mother was no where to be found, so they started bottle feeding them and built a cat house near the area just in case their mother came back.

Meanwhile, Onur was in the process of building a “cat room for motherless kittens” in his home.

And as soon as it was done the five kittens moved in.

Two of the kittens are still living with Onur and Cansu, but the others have been adopted out to loving homes.

But these five kittens weren’t the first, or the last, to come through Onur and Cansu’s home.

Kitten room

The room Onur designed and built to house the motherless kittens he had found was first built for a litter he found that did have a mother months before.

The mother and her litter were found in a dangerous area, with wounds that indicated they had been in fights with other cats.

The mother clearly had no where safe to keep them, so when Onur and Cansu rescued them, they needed somewhere the mother could feel comfortable raising them.

After these kittens had grown up and been adopted out, they couple decided to use it as a room for any kittens that came into their care.

A lot of these kittens unfortunately tend to be motherless, and homeless.

A shocking example is the 14 kittens that were found abandoned in a cardboard box that Onur and Cansu took in.

The number of kittens indicates that this was not merely a single litter of cats, but several.

And Onur and Cansu didn’t stop at the motherless kitten room!

They now have kitted out their whole home to be a cat shelter.

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