This lucky cat got rescued from a harsh New England winter and found his forever home

A woman living in New England was walking home from the store in the freezing cold winter when she noticed a black and white stray cat.

The cat was dirty and looked like he was in rough shape, so the woman left some food out for him.

She had already given a rescue cat named Peter his forever home, so she knew that if she kept feeding this stray he would get more comfortable with her.

It wasn’t long before he was coming around her house daily, and she was able to trap him.

Cute and cuddly

The woman who would become the cats forever mom set up a humane trap to catch him, and as soon as she took him inside he made himself at home.

She named him Charlie, and it turned out he was super cuddly!

And after getting him cleaned up and brought to the vet he was a brand new cat.

Either Charlie was born to be a lap cat or he had been owned before his mom found him.

Either way, he now had a new family to share his love with.

Including his new brother Peter.

Little did they know that the two brothers were about to be introduced to their new forever sister.

Two for one

While their mom was initially trying to catch Charlie, she went out to check the humane trap she had laid one day and found a surprise waiting for her.

Brown tabby cat laying on a leopard print blanket
She wandered into the right trap. Pic credit: @peter_mario_kitty/Instagram.

Peter and Charlie’s mom couldn’t just release this cat back into the wild winter, and decided instead that she would keep this cat too!

She named her Olivia, and in stark contrast to Charlie she was more wary and “spicy”.

Although she was caught at around the same time as Charlie, the rescue trio’s mom decided to keep Olivia away from the boys until she was more comfortable in her new home.

She took a bit of time to warm up to Peter, but seemed to already have crossed paths with Charlie before.

The trio’s mom recalls seeing her and Charlie out in the snow together before they were caught.

Black and white cat laying down with a brown tabby cat sitting next to him and looking at him
Looks like mom interrupted a serious conversation! Pic credit: @peter_mario_kitty/Instagram.

Soon Peter and Olivia made friends and they were all one big happy family.

With Charlie being the glue that holds them all together.

Black and white cat laying on his back showing his belly with his front paws in the air
He is such a sweet boy. Pic credit: @peter_mario_kitty/Instagram.
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