Tiktoker raises money for rescue kitten’s dental surgery after pleading video went viral

On October 8th, a wildlife conservator named Natalie posted a video on TikTok, asking for support. Natalia had just rescued a black kitten who needed expensive treatment she couldn’t afford.

Days after her plea, Natalie was elated to receive many donations from people empathetic to her struggle.

Social loves to laugh and marvel at little videos showcasing pets’ cute or funny antics. But netizens are also capable of sympathy for animals in trouble, never hesitating to give for a noble cause.

Tiktoker Natalie and her sick foster kitten were the latest beneficiaries of this love for cats.

Initially, Natalie found her furball at her doorstep. The black kitten kept coming to her door and wouldn’t leave.  

The woman noticed the cat was filthy, covered in feces, sand, and mud. Saddened by the little pet’s appearance, Natalie could not ignore him.

This stray kitten had an urgent need for assistance.

With friends, the wildlife conservator devised a strategy to lure him into a car for a trip to the veterinarian. Natalie and her friends set up a trap to keep the stray cat from escaping during the ride to the clinic.

After a thorough examination, the cat’s results came back normal. So he wasn’t dying, but his dentition was poor.

This critter needed substantial and expensive dental work to lead a healthy life. Antibiotics, flea medicine, and teeth cleaning were the three treatments that the veterinarian recommended.

First, they had to wash the dirt he had accumulated. Despite his aversion to bathing, the kitten eventually enjoyed Natalie’s washcloth.

Yet Natalie was confronted with a serious problem: the unforeseen bills resulting from her rescue. The young woman had no idea how she would pay for the treatment.

Asking TikTok for help

Overwhelmed, she reached out to her subscribers to ask for advice on how she could conduct a fundraising event.

Internet users are grouping themselves into groups.

Natalie’s followers responded to her message. Her video went viral.

Therefore, many commenters gave her valuable advice on how to raise money. Others directly donated money to help the sick kitten.

People were willing to contribute to an online fundraising effort to cover the pet’s dental expenses.

Because of her viewers’ generosity, Natalie earned enough money to pay for a trip to the veterinarian.

Furthermore, she gave the black cat the name sir William Thatcher. William is going to the dentist very soon to have his teeth mended.

Later, Natalie updated the cat’s situation, explaining that he has stomatitis but still has to keep ten of his teeth. Nevertheless, William is back home with his new mistress.


Replying to @Irene_blue anyone looking for a new best friend 🐈‍⬛ to celebrate spooky season with 😊? #sirwilliamthatcher #fostercat #catrescue

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