Stray cat wouldn't leave restaurant ceiling

Stray cat living inside a restaurant ceiling finds his happy ending

A restaurant in Seoul, Korea, has a customer who comes in daily. This unique client has the particularity of never using the regular entrance, always eating solo, and never paying the tab. It’s Gamja, a brown-haired stray kitten. Gamja first showed up in the eatery in January 2022 through a hole in a ceiling. He … Read more

Smart cat knows how to open any door

Tinker cat opens electronic doors to sneak out without permission

A kitten’s door-opening skills have left his owner and the internet dumbfounded. There’s no door able to resist the cat’s magic touch. Tabby cat Moongshi and his owner reside in a roomy apartment. However, the space is clearly not enough for the moggy, who doesn’t miss an opportunity to escape. Moongshi’s mistress noticed her cat’s … Read more

Nabi the sauna cat

Alley cat loves to sneak into the local sauna for a nap

A dry sauna in Korea became a stray moggy’s favorite hangout. The cat would spend hours in the facility, enjoying the warm temperature and other commodities. When an intrigued staff member decided to follow the stray cat, he discovered a sad reality. Modern South Korean culture includes many rituals. Among them is going to traditional … Read more