Woman raises funds for sick cat

Student sells books and everything she can to fund her sick cat’s treatment

Pets are an integral part of their owner’s life. Therefore, whenever these companions are hurting, so do their owners.  A Mexican student with a sick kitten decided to sell books, albums, and everything she could to fund the medical treatment. A resident from Mexico City named Gabriela Cruz opened up about the health condition of … Read more

Girl raises money for cat shelter in Louisiana

A talented 8-year-old girl crafts bracelets to benefit a cat shelter and raises $521 in one week

Brenna Edwards’s mother is a volunteer at an animal shelter; thus, the girl has spent her whole life among cats. Cats’ plight is an issue dear to her heart, and Breanna feels compelled to help them. For this reason, the clever eight-year-old girl has set up a laudable enterprise whose profits facilitate the placement of … Read more

A calico cat sits on a balcony.

A French man has started a Gofundme page for his brave cat who fell from the third floor

A cat owner from Metz, France, has issued a plea for help on the fundraising portal Gofundme.  Yaeden Piel is struggling to pay for the surgery of his cat, who has two fractured legs. On July 25th 2022, the young man stated in the fundraiser’s description: “Greetings, my name is Yaeden. I’m 21 years old … Read more