An adopted kitten with torticollis is beloved by her older cat siblings

A woman in Sacramento, California, rescued a kitten with a tilted head (a condition known as torticollis). Once the rescuer brought the feline home, her two cats took the kitten under their wing and decided to keep her as a member of their household.

Front Street Animals in Sacramento, California, where Haley Waugh served as a volunteer manager, took in the little tabby feline with torticollis and problems with one of her pupils.

Despite her condition, the kitten managed to maintain her balance and carry out her daily activities. Haley applied as a foster mom for the kitten, she wanted to give the feline the necessary care to grow stronger so she could go up for adoption later.

Haley named her new rescue Tortellini in reference to her crooked head.

Tortellini learns to adapt to her new life

Tortellini was quite underweight when she arrived and developed an ear infection. However, the care and attention of her new foster home allowed the feline to gain weight and thrive.

Every time Haley entered the room, the kitten bent her head further, content to play and cuddle with her caregiver.

In just a few weeks, the kitten’s ear infection had cleared up, and she was back to her lively self. She explored every room, eager to meet the other cats.

Still, the tilt remained, in an interview with Love Meow, Haley explained:

” Treating the infection did not affect her head tilt. The vet thinks she will likely always have it”.

Nevertheless, Tortellini didn’t seem too burdened by her state; she was an energetic and active kitten. Like other cats, she enjoyed running around even though she was more prone to tumbling.

The tabby had found new friends in the house’s two feline residents, Waylon and Ruben. The older cats quickly bonded with the newcomer after her arrival.

Waylon and Ruben dove right into their big brothers’ role, they shared the responsibility of caring for Tortellini and kept her company.

Thus, the cat was never alone and always had a friend to cuddle with her around the clock.

Soon, Tortellini had recovered from her infections and was ready for adoption, except for a little obstacle. Two, to be precise. Waylon and Ruben had already made up their minds about her joining the family.

The felines couldn’t let their new friend go, Haley had no other choice than to welcome Tortellini into the family. She went on to say:

“Although I’d always wanted to adopt Tortellini, I had to wait until I could find the appropriate match. The fact that no one seemed to care about him led me to believe it was destiny that he would remain where he is.”

Just like that, the family was complete. The mischievous Tortellini has adjusted nicely to her new role and is spending time with her siblings, who let her get away with everything.

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