This stray cat spends his days on a university campus

A brown tabby cat has found its way into a university campus. The feline is now a fixture of the institution. His owner? The three hundred students and educators attending classes in the building.

September is usually a synonym for going back to school. Students and teachers return from summer vacation to launch a new academic year.

For a funny little cat called Taekgang, this period means the return of its owners after a month-long break. This pet actually lives on Korean university grounds.

Where does he come from? Nobody in the faculty appears to be certain. There are many theories concerning Taekgang’s origin.

Some say the cat belonged to a professor who took a six-month leave but couldn’t take the cat with her. Others believe Taekgang was a female student’s puss who always carried him in her arms.

Regardless, the tabby cat was abandoned. Therefore, he made the school his new home.

Every day, the feline has a well-thought-out schedule. University members can see Taekgang waiting by the elevator.

The puss then heads out a class, ready for an inspection. With a slinky walk, he slowly roams the place like a dean.

If something in the lectures catches his attention, the feline might hop on one of the chairs. He pays attention for a few minutes before resuming his promenade.

The university superstar

Unlike other attendees, Taekgang is free to do as he pleases. It’s common to catch him sleeping during classes with the professor’s blessing.

When class is over, the teacher gently wakes the kitten up and thanks him for his hard work. As a teacher puts it in an interview :

“He’s a university superstar.”

As a result, Taekgang has everyone at his service. If the puss is thirsty, all he has to do is stand in front of a water dispenser and meow.

A student will soon pour the feline some water into a paper cup.

Feeling hungry? A huge bag of cat food is available in the break room. Anyone in the vicinity can help fill Taekgang’s pot.

Fortunately, the cat is well-behaved. He only eats food he’s been given. Teachers think his behavior comes from his previous domestic life.

Despite his abandonment, the cat remains loving and playful. Ergo he’s popular with students and professors.

Together, they joined forces to build Taekgang, a beautiful cat tree, complete with little hiding spots. The tabby cat loves his new dedicated area.

Taekgang may have lost an owner, but he found three hundred more.

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