When she needs a break this mother cat brings her litter to her dog roommate to mind

A mother cat has found an unlikely babysitter to take care of her young kittens. To catch a break she leaves her litter in the company of the house dog. The video of the dog watching over the kittens has Tiktok viewers gushing about the adorable scene.  

Becoming a parent is nothing short of overwhelming, even so for cats who welcome a big brood by themselves at once.

However, this mother cat gets some support from her roommate Tobias, the ten-year-old family dog. In fact, she trusts the black-and-brown canine so much she’s the one who takes the initiative of bringing her kittens to him.

The TikTok user @ljayne7 shared a video on her page showing her dog Toby assisting her postpartum kitty with caring for her litter. The mother cat always knows where to find help when she is feeling overcome by her six kittens.

In the clip, the cat brings her litter of kittens, one by one, to a bed where Toby the dog is lying down. Then, she carefully adjusts the kittens’ positions so the babies are close to the dog’s body.

After the careful placement, the mother cat curls up to a nearby corner to get some well-deserved rest. The video caption explained that whenever the mother felt the need for a short respite, she would bring her kittens over to Tobias.

@ljayne7 She brings her kittens to Toby when she needs a little break 🥹#rescuecat #dogsofttiktok #catsoftiktok #kittens #fyp ♬ _Cute – Gabe Lost

A well-received video

The heartwarming video was seen 12.1 million times and earned 2.5 million likes. In addition, commenters shared their amusing takes on the video.

A user suggested Toby wasn’t too happy about this forced babysitting gig. User @crossf1t wrote:

“Dog: you didn’t tell me you had 5 kids when we were texting”

Similarly, @user2931517710663 also commented:

” He’s like what’s happening, what do I do heeeeelp lol”

Another user, @DorothyMcKendry, explained that this behavior was more common among pets than most people believe. She said:

“My pets did the same exact thing! They’d take turns giving each other breaks. 1st when the dog had pups kitty helped. When Kitty had babies, pup helped”

While it is fair to question this unconventional co-parenting arrangement, it seems to work for all parties involved. Meanwhile, the kitties have grown accustomed to Toby.

Later, the pet owner posted videos of the kittens spending time with their canine sitter without their mom in the picture. Besides, if Tobias ever gets tired, he can always pass them to the second puppy in the house.

It’s all about teamwork!

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