Woman’s rescue cat Bailey became daughter’s playmate

In 2004, a young woman took in a ginger cat in her college dorm. A decade later, after many tribulations, the cat is her daughter’s unconditional friend.

Erin Merryn was a student when she found a stray kitten. Moved by the ginger kitty, she hid him in her dormitory even though pets were not allowed on the premises.

Unlike anything Erin had seen, the cat had a friendly and affectionate character. But, unfortunately, the bliss didn’t last long, as management caught them a week later.

The school gave Erin a forty-eight hours window to get the kitten out of her room. So, a saddened Erin had to scramble to find another home for the kitten.

When Erin contacted her parents, they declined her offer because they already had two cats and a dog. Instead, Abby’s parents advised her to give away her pet to avoid problems.

Afterward, the student was lucky to encounter a lady willing to adopt the cat. The older woman lived in the neighborhood where Erin grew up.

 Subsequently, Erin reluctantly drove the ginger cat to his new home. She revealed in an interview:

“Half my drive back to college, I was in tears.”

Four days later, the situation evolved again. The kitten’s new mistress called Abby, informing her that she could no longer keep Bailey the ginger.

It was back to square one. Fortunately, this time, Erin had a month to find a solution since she was on vacation.

She negotiated with her folks to keep the puss in her bedroom while she used her free time to look for his next owner. At least, that’s what she told her parents.

Yet it was a white lie; Erin was buying time to make her parents fall in love with Bailey, just like she had. Ultimately, the student won her gamble.

Bailey gets siblings

More than a decade later, Erin still had her senior cat. Additionally, she expanded her family.

The woman welcomed her first daughter in 2014. At the newborn’s arrival, Bailey was hesitant; nevertheless, he progressively learned to love the baby. Feline and infant would play together until they both fell asleep.

Erin’s family kept growing as her second daughter arrived in 2016. Bailey took this change in stride, becoming the toddlers’ best friend.

The critter was exceptionally gentle with Abby and Hannah; they loved him right back. From bathing Bailey to dressing him as a princess, there was no shortage of fun activities.

Furthermore, Hannah and Abby always insisted on spoon-feeding the senior cat. Erin commented:

“Bailey just eats up all the attention he can get “

In 2018, another baby was on its way: little Claire. Sadly in December of that year, Bailey passed away at fourteen from kidney failure.

Talented writer Erin turned his incredible life story into a best-selling book, Bailey no ordinary cat. As she said, this kitten was truly one of a kind.

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