A ginger cat sitting on a cat tree looking at the camera.

This cat has his own podcast where he helps soothe listeners with his purrs

Bilbo is a ginger tabby whose owner Ellen began to share him with the world on Twitter in 2017. She loved ‘“Cat Twitter”; the community on the social media site that posts about wholesome cat content, and decided to start spreading the joy he gave her by simply existing every day. Ellen explains: “He’s improved … Read more

Several cats cuddled up together on a satellite dish.

These cheeky cats sabotaged an internet connection by having a cuddle puddle on a satellite dish

The Starlink satellite system launched by entrepreneur Elon Musk may one day connect the entire earth to tens of thousands of satellites, but it will have to handle one unexpected issue first: cats’ interference. Elon Musk’s business, which aims to build a universal Internet access network, has discovered an operational flaw in the form of … Read more

A tabby kitten's face stares down at the lens, with another tabby kitten's head popping into frame in the background.

These cheeky kitties locked themselves in their owner’s bathroom and she captured hilarious images of them!

Cat owner Julee Balko got a surprise when she discovered that the reason her bathroom door wouldn’t open was because her two mischievous kittens had locked themselves inside! Balko’s discovery led to some hilarious footage of the cheeky kitties, which she captured by sliding her phone under the bathroom door. Locked out  While unsupervised inside … Read more