This cat loves to rock out to Metallica’s iconic track Enter Sandman

The band Metallica has legions of admirers worldwide; their concerts attract hordes of devotees with eye-catching attires and make-up.

Yet, we’re sure the group didn’t consider this type of fan, an endearing tabby cat who loves to rock out!

Even when you’re not a longtime fan, there’s something about heavy metal that brings out the energy in every listener. According to Louder sound, Metallica’s music fuels an urge to jump up and down and shake the room as if some evil force has overtaken you.

Listeners can’t help but join the fun by banging their heads or shouting the lyrics of the song. Posy, a feline living with her owner Chas Hundley in Oregon, can certainly agree with this assertion.

A TikTok gem

Hundley resides in the rural area of Gales Creek, the young man is the editor of The Gales Creek Journal, which he created seven years ago.

The columnist enjoys posting videos and photos of his pets on TikTok. Posy, the cat, makes frequent appearances in this content.

One of these clips, uploaded on May 21st, shows the green-eyed puss letting loose on the “dancefloor” while Metallica track ‘Enter Sandman’ plays.

Initially, Posy is calm as the music plays in the background. Then, with wide eyes, she listens to the verses of the song, it seems to take her a few seconds to recognize the chords of the song.

Once the chorus drops with guitar riffs, the feline becomes frenzied and starts bobbing her head vigorously from side to side. ‘Enter Sandman’ is widely regarded as one of Metallica’s most memorable tracks, and it keeps Posy enthralled.

The clip ends with Posy excitedly dashing out of frame, check out the amusing video below:

The video caption reads, “She’s back at it.”, implying that the kitty’s dance is not a one-time event. Indeed, Posy, or Metallicat, as the internet has dubbed her, loves to groove to rock music.

Subsequently, viewers want to join her. They shared the video more than forty-four thousand times, and the clip has garnered almost six hundred thousand likes.

Posy got countless positive reactions following the post, @Pancake the cat wrote:

“This is the second day in a row I’ve seen this cat on my fyp, and I’m so happy about it. Pls never stop posting 😂🥰”

Another user, @axelthewerewolf, wrote:

“I wanna know the science behind why cats do this because it’s absolutely my favorite thing that cats do.”

It’s our favorite too! This is undoubtedly the cutest Metallica fan ever encountered.

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