A construction worker is on the outside of a highrise window, while a fluffy white cat is on the other side.

A woman discovers her cat has been bonding with a secret friend while at home alone

A New Yorker accidentally discovered her cat Cleo’s little secret. Through her apartment’s glass windows, the white Persian had befriended a team of workers and doesn’t miss an occasion to see her new mates. Caelin Smith and Cleo live in New York City in a 15-story building, the old building is getting a complete makeover … Read more

Cat who eats its neighbors food

Cat exposed for stealing neighbor’s food after worried owner takes him to vet because he won’t eat

A cat stopped eating food for days. Finally, his concerned owner brought him to the veterinary clinic only to learn that the puss was far from starving. The sneaky moggy had just been eating at a different “restaurant”: the neighbor’s house. Cats are known to be gourmets; they are picky eaters. But all felines must … Read more

a cat sits on a shelf filled with food packets in a supermarket.

Supermarket cat who would lead people to the pet treats aisle finally finds a loving home

A young woman bought cat food for a stray cat she met in a supermarket aisle. This encounter led to new beginnings as she adopted the moggy days later. Tania Santos, a Mexican resident, stopped into a store to buy a few things. While browsing the shelves, she noticed a white cat standing in the … Read more

two images of a tabby cat sitting by a window and within a carrier.

Meet Willow Biden, White House Feline-in-chief

There’s a feline ruling the White House — it’s Willow Biden, First Cat.  A two-year-old short-haired tabby, Willow was adopted by First Lady Dr. Jill Biden from Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. According to ABC News, the tabby previously resided on a farm in Pennsylvania, where she made an impression on Dr. Biden during an event in 2020. … Read more