Willy Wonky

This rejected black cat with cerebellar hypoplasia had no hope until this woman saved him

Fostering cats is a rewarding experience that helps unwanted cats and kittens find new homes and understand the power of love. A cat fosterer named Mandy enjoyed fostering cats regularly when she heard about Willy Wonky through a fellow fosterer. This special needs black cat had difficulty getting adopted because of his color and cerebellar … Read more

Molly and cats

Woman who spent $24k a year helping stray cats is flooded with support from public

Molly Grady shared the struggles she faced in her volunteer work for stray cats — and was flooded with support and money from across the country. Molly started the Street Cat Society, a nonprofit organization, in Panama City (Florida) over four years ago after witnessing the area’s increase in stray cats in the past 35 years. Her … Read more

Cats inside car

47 cats rescued in soaring heat from overheating car where they lived with owner

As temperatures soared this week, rescuers saved 47 cats from an overheating car parked outside in the sweltering heat. Police found the vehicle stationed at a highway rest stop on Interstate 35 near Harris, around 50 miles north of Minneapolis, Minnesota. With the scorching heat, the animals appeared to be suffering and were rescued by … Read more

Cat in an open cage

Trap Neuter Return: The program that can help contribute to healthy cat populations

Trap Neuter Return (TNR) is a program engaged in by many animal rescues, charities, and volunteer networks across America. The goal of the program is to help control the populations of “freeroaming” cats, those that are feral or strays. This process involves the trapping of cats that have not been spayed or neutered in humane … Read more

King Augustus and new owner Robin

36-pound cat finds a mom who ‘knew she’d be able to help him’ after her own weight struggles

Have you ever had your heart broken? Or have you attempted to lose those last few pounds on your own with no success? You’re not the only one. Dealing with heartbreak is hard. And navigating the waters of losing weight is even more challenging. Now imagine handling both at the same time! This is the … Read more