A still from the game Nine Noir Lives.

Cat-themed video game Nine Noir Lives is scheduled for release in September

Following the success of the cat-themed video game Stray this summer, another cat-inspired adventure game is making players purr with excitement: Nine Noir Lives. Designed in the 1980’s game style, Nine Noir Lives offers a cast of charming feline characters and a vintage style that should make whiskers fanatics happy. The game is studio Silvernode Games’ … Read more

Two images of a black and white cat with a cleft palate.

Cat with cleft lip flashes an adorable smile to everyone in order to get noticed in the shelter

Nala was born with a special smile due to her cleft lip, she’d flash her pearly whites at everyone who walked by to get noticed in the shelter. The clever cat hoped it would help her get adopted into a forever home. Nala was found as a very pregnant stray in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, Nala … Read more

Two images: one of a white cat, the second of the same cat covered in brown paint.

After a cat uncovers an open paint can and comes out splattered, his owner issues an important warning

An inquisitive little cat got himself in trouble while exploring his neighborhood. After sliding in paint, the feline left the house white as snow but returned completely brown and wet. The event upset the cat’s owner, who urged people to care more when painting their fences. George, the kitten, lives with Jemma Mossop and her … Read more

Orange cat and gray cat sit on a boat

Fisher the boating master cat mentors his new little brother

Fisher the Maine Coon is a water-loving cat that has taken social media by storm. He has been delighting his followers with his boating, swimming, and tubing adventures for the past three years. Now Fisher has a new little brother who is learning the ropes, and Fisher is an amazing big brother and mentor. Fisher … Read more

White cat held by girl in a wheelchair

Cuddly cat chooses a girl in a wheelchair to be his forever friend

This beautiful white cat was once a stray, abandoned by his owners when they moved out of their apartment complex. Now he has found his forever family with Kiley, whose wheelchair might scare other cats, but not him. Cat Man Chris, a man who rescues and takes care of cats in his neighborhood, provided daily … Read more

Orange cat plays with Tupperware container

Cat who loves Tupperware gets his own personal collection of containers

Oliver is a cat who loves Tupperware containers. One eventful evening, he stole one off its shelf and paraded around the house with it. Now he has dozens of containers of his own, and he loves to play with them. Robin, his owner, told The Dodo that she was surprised when she first noticed him … Read more

A collection of cat figurines.

A couple turns their cat figurine collection into a museum and donates the proceeds to shelters

A cat-loving couple is gaining attention in Wisconsin, United States, the pair has slowly amassed a staggering collection of cat figurines that is on its way to achieving a Guinness World Record. To say Shawn Redner and Hilary Siegel-Redner love cats is an understatement, the couple from Menomonee Falls has rescued 21 cats from the … Read more